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The Artistic Wellbeing

The concept of WET LIGHT by Valéry Joubaullt is to propose an underwater photo shoots that do you good!

WET LIGHT by Valéry Joubault
propose you to live an artistic adventure in gravity zero
and an unforgettable sensorial experience!


WET LIGHT offers you a new dimension of the event offering the exclusive opportunity to live an artistic adventure in zero gravity and an unforgettable sensorial experience. The dedicated aquatic areas are the warm and crystal-clear pools of your own private villa or your hotel. But WET LIGHT also opens up to a wide audience by offering to enjoy a photo shoot in a partner pool not far from home.

These warm universes, with stunning scenery, invite to the fullness by daring the underwater pause in an almost abyssal silence.

Daydreaming, adventure, artistic expression and intimate experience with WET LIGHT by Valéry Joubault are reserved for a clientele eager for new sensations while remaining accessible to as many people as possible without any particular knowledge of scuba diving, needing just a little breath retention. Live a unforgettable new experience and take pleasure are in perfect symbiosis with the identity de WET LIGHT.

An underwater photography session never leaves indifferent and gives you the opportunity to live a very rare and unforgettable sensorial experience.

WET LIGHT offers another facet of the event by responding to all the fantastical desires of individuals around Valentine’s Day, Pregnancy, Baby shower, Wedding, Birthday and all other special occasions.

In collaboration with the most reputable concierge services, the photography sessions can also be arranged at the exclusive customer’s request, respecting precisely his wishes and why not fulfill a part of his dreams in a private pool.

As part of Incentive, WET LIGHT by Valéry Joubault also proposes to create an event in the event with an innovative visual and sensory attraction for all seminarians…

Well-being through the underwater experience without apprehension and another vision of self-image through Art accessible to all ...