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The Artistic Well-being

WET LIGHT by Valéry Joubault
propose you to live an artistic adventure in zero gravity
and an unforgettable sensorial experience!


WET LIGHT by Valéry Joubault was born out of a desire to professionalize this iconoclastic way of photographing but also to make underwater portraiture accessible to all without any particular knowledge of scuba diving, except for a little breath-holding and zen attitude. Whether one is a known personality or not, everyone has the right to their moment in the spotlight during an extraordinary photoshoot.

The WET LIGHT concept has been specially developed to achieve the pinnacle of logistical mobility, thus allowing its clientele to enjoy an extraordinary series of portraits in the comfort of their own homes. Valéry Joubault sets up a real photographic studio at the bottom of villa or hotel pools from Monaco to Saint-Tropez, in Paris, Deauville and soon in Mauritius. Booking for a private photoshoot session or for an event is also possible anywhere in the world where a beautiful pool can accommodate it.

The most commonly addressed themes during a pool party include: Engagement, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Wedding, Valentine's Day, Pregnancy, Baby Shower, Birthday, Incentive...

For over 15 years, Valéry Joubault was able to put his sharp, sensitive and artistic gaze on pregnant women. From their bodies, often subjected to physiological, psychological, and emotional challenges during pregnancy, emerges an immense timeless beauty that can be admired indefinitely in one's living room.

During their last two months of pregnancy, the underwater portraitist offers them the opportunity to experience an artistic adventure in zero gravity and an unforgettable sensorial experience combined with a real moment of pleasure and well-being. Expectant mothers feel lighter in this fleeting weightlessness and in this intimate moment shared with the photographer underwater. The photograph is thus sublimated into a precious testimony for them as well as for the baby they carry. Nothing is more natural and symbolic than water to immortalize motherhood. Years after the photoshoot, many women who didn't accept or love themselves then, now consider their experience as Art Therapy.

The WET LIGHT signature also encompasses a lighting technique that ensures faithful color rendering and incredible precision in respecting the fibers of textiles. It is for this reason that the Underwater Art Photographer Valéry Joubault is increasingly approaching the world of fashion by collaborating with stylists attracted to a completely disruptive vision of their creations in zero gravity.

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