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Biography Valéry Joubault

ABOUT Valéry Joubault

French Underwater Art Photographer



French photographer with a military technical background, Valéry Joubault had an unconventional path in his education within a film photo laboratory and the press agency APP of the French Navy in Brest. Since the age of 14, after dedicating all his free time locked in his own photo lab built by his father, he already harbored the dream of one day becoming a photographer.

The kiss of the TGV by Valéry Joubault!

Great emotional meeting with Erikah Badu!

During his childhood, he used to buy numerous fashion magazines from Condé Nast editions, as well as those about automobiles and design, meticulously noting down in a little notebook the names of all the famous photographers whose work he admired and who inspired him. Then, upon moving to Paris, he contacted each of them in the hope of becoming their assistant and learning the trade on the field.

Mathieu Garçon, Hélène Guétary, Claus Wickrath, Bernard Asset, Steve Hiett, and Bertrand Cardon all responded positively to the request of the young aspiring artist and greatly contributed to his rich training stemming from eclectic backgrounds.

Becoming a professional at the age of 20, Valéry Joubault specialized in industrial and advertising photography. He was quickly earning the nickname "Mr. TGV" in the 1990s for being the first French photographer to develop a passion for high-speed trains in several European countries. He was recognized for the very pictorial rendering of these images. Among other honors, he had the privilege of participating in numerous national advertising campaigns on 4x3m billboards under the prestigious signature of the BDDP agency on behalf of the SNCF (French National Railway Company).

From one universe to another, it is thanks to his old passion for the aquatic environment and the birth of his daughter who quickly became his little mermaid, and therefore his first underwater model, that he became a few years later an Underwater Art Photographer.

Under water, an incredible magic happens and the models find themselves «immersed» in complete intimacy with the photographer and no external element to disturb the photo shoot. At this moment, there is a deep fullness in an almost abyssal silence where time seems to have stopped

A terrestrial photoshoot is always very intimidating for non-professional models, but in this aquatic setting, trust is quickly established. The photographer-model relationship develops very rapidly in this marine environment where stage fright does not exist.

In this weightlessness, dancers, musicians, singers, DJs, actors, but also athletes have already trusted him, including the French actor Eriq Ebouaney and his pregnant wife expecting their last daughter, as well as the famous singer Erykah Badu whom he met in Miami in 2008 and who gave him her full support for his Underwater Artwork...

And thus was born WET LIGHT by Valéry Joubault ...