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Biography Valéry Joubault

ABOUT Valéry Joubault

French Underwater Art Photographer



French photographer with a military technical background, specialized in industrial and advertising photography, was nicknamed “Monsieur TGV” in the 1990s for having been the first French photographer to take a passionate interest in high-speed trains in several countries. He didn’t think one day he would become an underwater Art photographer, but his passion for water and photography got the better of him.

His models find themselves "immersed" in extreme intimacy with the photographer, and nothing can interfere or disturb a photo session underwater.

A photo shoot is always very intimidating for non-professional models, but confidence building is very fast. The very special relationship in this aquatic environment where stage fright does not exist, enjoys a deep fullness in an isolating silence, enveloping and finally reassuring where time seems to have stopped.

In this aquatic weightlessness, dancers, musicians, singers, actors have already trusted him, including the French actor Eriq Ebouaney or the famous singer Erikah Badu, long-time fan of his underwater work...

From Miami to southern France by the way of Normandy, Valéry Joubault is always filled with emotion and fascinated by the underwater experience by pregnant women during their last 2 months of pregnancy.

This particular and artistic vision of their bodies relieved by ephemeral weightlessness, becomes a most precious document for them as for their future descendants, and right now, the most symbolic and natural medium for photographing these women and the baby they’re carrying is "the Water..."