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WET LIGHT and the Luxury Concierge

WET LIGHT is your perfect partner
for disruptive enjoyment!

Your pool is my workplace!

You are the owner or seasonal tenant of a villa with swimming pool, or at the head of a real estate management of villas for rent or a luxury concierge, then WET LIGHT services are for you!

Underwater Art Photographer between Monaco and Saint-Tropez, Deauville, Paris and abroad, the artistic concept of WET LIGHT by Valéry Joubault is to make live an artistic adventure in weightlessness and an unforgetable sensorial experience to my client (e)s/ models. To do so, it is to install in 30 minutes at home a real photo studio at the bottom of the pools of luxurious private villas.

WET LIGHT offers the opportunity to live a disruptive holiday activity during the stay and Valéry Joubault loves these ephemeral meetings with owners or tenants looking for new experiences and sensations in their deep intimacy.

WET LIGHT installs a real photographic studio at the bottom of your pool in 30 minutes!

During a pool party event, the most commonly addressed themes include:
Engagement, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Wedding, Valentine's Day, Pregnancy, Baby Shower, Birthday, Incentive...